Citroen ID19P 1962

Price: 20.000,- euro

Citroen ID 19 P

Origin: France

Registration number: 3847BL93, carte grise present dep 93, Paris-St Denis

Mileage: 78.597 km

Year of manufacture / first registration / model year: 1962/ 7/18-1962/ 1962

Engine type/ cylinders/ capacity: ID19/4/1911, running well

Gearbox: manual / 4 gears + reverse

Tires: size/ brand/ age: 165-155r400/ Michelin/ recently renewed

Paint: Gris Anthracite (AC 101), recently painted, very good

Upholstery: Bleu Helanca, recently restored, in excellent condition


The Citroen DS19 was presented at the Paris Motor Show in 1955 as the successor to the legendary Traction Avant. A year later, at the fair in 1956, the ID19 came to the forefront as a cheaper and more reliable variant of the DS, equipped without an automatic gearbox and power steering. This ID quickly became more popular with the public than the interference-prone and more expensive DS.

The oldest model with the ‘first nose’, was available up until 1963; therefore, the last year of construction with this nose. Model year 1962 has the great advantage of the more modern hydraulic technology; especially the brakes from 1962 are a huge improvement over the older brakes from the fifties. Equally important, the 12-volt installation does not have the problems of the older 6-volt models.

The ID has a carte grise from St Denis, Paris. The date of issue is March 06, 1972. During this period there were departmental divisions and system changes in Paris. The old license plate is 9831MP75, so the car was also registered in Paris before 1972, perhaps having had only one owner. The mileage of 78,597 likely matches the actual mileage indicated through the fast-wearing sill cover, seat covers, mats, but also wear on the brake discs, all revealing a relatively low mileage.


The ID is characterized by its very original condition; although equipped with a few accessories, such as the so-called nipple lamps, mass switch, Radiomatic radio and extra bumper rosettes. Otherwise, this ID is hardly different from when it first hit the road. The current colors of the paint and chassis and the interior fabrics date from 1962. The car was recently sprayed in the original paint. The very fragile interior upholstery has been professionally restored, with as much of the old upholstery as possible remaining. The mats and sill trim, mostly damaged or missing, is still present and in surprisingly good condition. The headliner is still there, only the upholstery on the c-pillars and above the rear window have been replaced by a very attractive alternative.

Current Status

  • The chassis is completely original and no repairs have been made in the past, nor is it currently necessary. An ID with a better chassis is hard to find.
  • The sheet metal is completely original and belongs to the car. When the car was painted, the sheet metal was bare and here too it was not necessary to weld or repair anything. There was no damage to sheet metal or chassis.
  • On the bottom surface some scratches are visible simply from the clumsiness of moving the car in the past.
  • All doors and hoods close perfectly.
  • The original polyester roof has a few light scratches.
  • The aluminum is as it should be: slightly milky and therefore not polished to a high gloss.
  • The front bumper is in very neat condition. The rear bumper has some minor damage.
  • The chrome edges of the nipple lamps have a few pits, but the housing is in fine condition. The headlights are good, the chrome edges are neat, but also here a few pits. The rear lighting and reflectors are in original condition.
  • The original engine and gearbox run and shift excellently. The engine is a bit smoky at times and there is often a drop of oil from the oil pan, but this is quite normal for a 60 year old car that has probably not been driven seriously for forty years.
  • Hydraulically, the ID is still in near-original condition; only the front brake calipers have been made common, the oil has been changed and the bulbs have been pressurized. Everything works and springs properly, but keep in mind that the old hydraulic system is notorious for its malfunctions.
  • The ID is a beautiful example for a collection, but if you want to drive it regularly or even daily, you will have to take into account that these hydraulic components require attention and some parts are difficult to replace or difficult to get.
  • At the moment, the ID works properly and despite the fact that sometimes a drop leaks somewhere, the base is okay. It is also equipped with a recent battery, blue coolant, recent engine oil (15W40) and gearbox oil (GL4, 80W90).
  • The inner and outer tires have been replaced by recent original Michelin ones.


The ID is provided ‘as is’, meaning you buy the car as is and without warranty. The petrol tank contains about 10 liters of petrol. All keys are present, the original ‘carte grise’ is present and everything is part of the sale. There is no Dutch registration and no statement from the French prefecture or Citroen. A deed of purchase will be made with a copy of my proof of identity so that it can be shown that the car was bought in good faith. The car can be viewed in Zaandam/Achtersluispolder. Insured transport can be arranged.