Citroen ID19F 1963 Gris Sable

Price: 37.500,- euro

Citroen ID 19 F

Origin: France

Registration number: 3502930 116HE30 (gard, F) (Note: Gard, F, original registration number – current registration number Italian)

Mileage: 78.597 km

Year of manufacture / first registration / model year: 1963/ 7/26-1963/ 1963

Engine type/ cylinders/ capacity: ID19/4/1911, overhauled.

Gearbox: manual / 4 gears + reverse

Tires: size/ brand/ age: 165r400/ Michelin/ recently renewed

Paint: Gris Sable (AC 101), recently painted, very well done

Upholstery: Similoid Rio, recently restored, in great condition

Location: Viterbo – Rome

Model: The ID Breaks are the estate version of the DS and the ID.
Of the model year 1963, only a few of this year have survived, making it a rare car.

  • the nose
  • the specific (only in the Break) delivered interior;
  • the slightly curved stainless steel rear bumper;
  • the plastic rear window;
  • the first year with the 83 hp engine with Weber carburretor;
  • the rims with central wheel bolt;
  • the two-tone roof;
  • plus the numerous small deviating details compared to the newer models.

This model was originally delivered in France and fitted with a carte grise from the Gard. In 2016, the vehicle was bought in the Netherlands, unrestored, by the current Italian owner, who has since restored it and provided it with Italian papers.

This Citroen ID Break de Luxe is in very good condition. During restoration, it has been almost completely disassembled, technically overhauled and painted in the correct colours.

Before restoration, the chassis was in reasonable condition and was blasted. The beams were largely rebuilt with side and bottom plating and a new bottom plate. After this, the almost bare chassis was painted in the correct colour paint: AC134, gray rosé. Sheet metal: The original sheet metal was reasonable. Where necessary, it was repaired and then painted in the original colour AC104, gris sable.
Driveline: The original engine and gearbox have been overhauled, cleaned and replaced, new distribution, clutch, water pump, coil, rubbers etc.
Hydraulics: The car has original hydraulic system based on the synthetic LHS oil, but has been overhauled and converted to LHM.
Suspension: All rubbers have been renewed, wheels blasted and painted and new tires: Michelin X 165r400.
Interior: The Break has the reed-coloured similoid rio original belonging to this car and is in exceptionally good condition. Dashboard, door trim, trunk trim and roof edge trim are also original and good. Equipped with Gradulux car blinds at the rear.

Delivery and asking price
The asking price is 37,500.00 euros. The conditions of delivery and transport are to be determined. The Break now has Italian papers which can easily be exchanged to other European papers at low cost.