Citroen ID 19 1964 Brun Isard SOLD

Marcel, the owner of this beautiful car, bought the car two years ago. Because he needed a daily driver he bought this very original and quite simple Citroen ID, the simple version of the DS. The car was originally from France. The motor had a complete overhaul ( pistons, cylinders, valve seats, chain, bearings, aso) as well as a new clutch, new alternator, new ignition, new exhaust, overhauled starting motor, HD pump and spheres. He didn’t do more than necessary, but still. He also installed a completely new LPG system, a cruise control and a stereo. Marcel made it a very reliable car, the daily driver he wanted it to be. He also took the car on holidays last year to France.

Because Marcel wants to drive an older ID the coming year, this reliable ID is now for sale.

  • Model: Citroen ID 19 P
  • Date: 1964
  • Origin: France
  • Registration: Dutch, AR-98-45
  • Colour, body: AC 414 Brun Isard (Isard Brown)
  • Colour, roof: Blanc (white)
  • Colour, interior: Rouge Carmin (Carmine Red)
  • Standard: LHS, power brakes, manual gearbox
  • Extras: -10 heating, LPG, cruise control, towing bar, quality stereo radio