Citroen DS 19 1959 Jaune Jonquille SOLD

This very rare 1959 Citroen DS 19 comes with a French ‘carte grise’. It needs to be restaured. There is mayor rust on the platform at the usual places, longerons and trunk. Also the doors and fenders need work as well as the interior. The car misses the exhaust and the waterpump, but the rest is for 95% there. The motor run two months ago.

  • Model: Citroen DS 19
  • Date: 1959
  • Origin: France
  • Registration: France, 11,(dep. Aude)
  • Colour, body: AC 305 Jaune Jonquille (Daffodil Yello)
  • Colour, roof: AC 141 Gris (Grey)
  • Colour, int: Vert Jade (Jade Green)
  • Standard: LHS, power steering, power brakes, semi automatic gearbox.
  • Extras: thermometer, ground switch

PRICE: € 8.500,-