Citroen DS 21 1968 Blanc Carare SOLD

This beautiful unrestored DS21 was recently found in the Le Mans area in the west of France. We bought this car in november 2015 in Mayennes. This was the former family car and was used until the end of the eighties. Because the father ended up lately in a nursing home, the family needed to sell the car. Although some body parts were rusty, the rest of the car was in quite a good original shape. The chassis was fine and needed repairing on some minor parts, the technique was still in an original state and functioned very well. The hydraulic storage sphere was down and changed as well as the rear suspention collars. About 130.000 km and a beautiful interior. We restored the body parts and changed a couple of things like for instance the wiring, which is always in a bad shape on these models.

The car has had two French owners. From abut 1988 the car was stored in a garage near Le Mans.

  • Model: Citroen DS 21 M
  • Date: 1968
  • Origin: France
  • Registration: France, 53 (dep. Mayenne)
  • Colour, body: AC 144 Blanc Carare (Carare white)
  • Colour, roof: AC 200 Noir (black)
  • Colour, int: Rouge Corsaire (Corsian red)
  • Standard: LHM, power steering, power brakes, manual gearbox, halogene driving lights (h1)
  • Extras: -10 heating, wind deflectors, tow bar

PRICE: ā‚¬ 27.500,-

ONLY NOW UNTIL 1th JUNE 24.500,-